December 10, 2017

Alert 24: A Moving, Thoughtful New Novel about ECT

Bonnie Burstow’s new novel, The Other Mrs. Smith, is a beautifully written poetic story of the tragic human suffering and despair surrounding ECT.  It is also a reassuring testament to the strength and beauty human spirit as we see the protagonist Naomi heroically move beyond despair and piece by piece rebuild her life. If you would like a stirring taste of her novel’s brilliant writing style and depth of vision, Bonnie read aloud portions of it on my November 8, 2017 radio show, the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour. I have known  Bonnie for years as an extraordinarily courageous and devoted reformer who brings to the struggle a rare combination of intellectual, imaginative and dramatic gifts.  You can see her book on

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Peter R. Breggin, MD