October 27, 2019

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

The 6th and 7th Recipients of the
CSET Honored Researcher Award
in Ethical Human Sciences and Services

From Peter and Ginger Breggin’s

Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy (CSET)

October 27, 2019

The CSET HONORED RESEARCHER AWARD recognizes “Inspired and Courageous Contributions in Human Sciences and Services” and provides recipients an open platform to publish whenever they wish without fear of censorship. We aim to create a publication site where a limited number of outstanding contributors can freely publish their pioneering ideas and where viewers can easily locate them.  The first Honored Researcher Award recipient is Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD, the Danish physician and scientist who cofounded the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993, whose courageous scientific and advocacy work helped to inspire this award.

Introducing Aaron and Melissa Dykes

Aaron and Melissa Dykes are among the bravest, most independent and most informative researchers in the world today in the broad fields of psychiatry, psychology and, especially, the science and politics of physical control of the brain and mind. They are unique in their fearless, thorough documentation of menacing collaborations between the government, academia, and the private sector in developing the technology for physical mind control They are not “conspiracy theorists”—they are courageous, incredibly devoted, extraordinary honest, extremely perceptive, and well-documented filmmakers. They deliver facts, not theories. We are very proud of the projects we have shared with Aaron and Melissa.

Aaron and Melissa Dykes are warning us about unfolding events that, we believe, will make current psychiatric efforts to influence the brain and mind seem like a sideshow. Already in production is a worldwide politically motivated effort to “interface” the brain with computers, which really means to permanently lock computer hardware into the brains of unwitting “volunteers” to be controlled by other people for the rest of their lives. Will this work effectively to improve anyone’s performance or quality of life? No, the science is so ridiculously primitive that the experiments can only result in irreversible damage to the brain and mind.

My wife and I met Aaron and Melissa when they were making The Minds of Men, a history of mind control that opened our eyes to how many highly esteemed academic researchers were collaborating with the government in developing the technology of mind control the 21st Century. Although I first blew the whistle on early federally-funded mind control experiments in the 1970s during my successful campaign to stop the return of lobotomy and psychosurgery, I had no idea how extensive mind control collaborations already were at that time. We had no idea about the elaborate matrix of government and private funding that was supporting mind-control efforts around the world. I was honored to have a significant role in their epic documentary, the Minds of Men, which has been seen by millions of people.

Now Aaron and Melissa Dykes have made and released a new film, Putting a Chip in Your Brain Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god), which already has 90,000 viewers and climbing. They have posted a blog of mine on their site calling this film The Most Important Video We Have Ever Seen

The video describes efforts that will be coordinated with the FDA’s Devices section to place hair-thin electrodes permanently into the brains of people to connect them with computers. The project is spearheaded by Tesla multibillionaire Elon Musk’s efforts to permanently connect living brains in people’s heads to the hardware of computers to make super people. The company that makes self-propelled cars that occasionally crash or blow up is looking forward to making machine-propelled people.

Musk’s, and other mind control efforts, are financially and technically supported by DARPA, the government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, devoted to “National Security” (see the editorial comment by the Melissa and Dykes after my report).  As the Dyke’s document, Musk’s machine for implanting electrodes into the brain was actually developed by DARPA.

Initially, Musk is seeking FDA-approval for “medical purposes;” but his openly avowed aim is mind control—a superhuman combination of brain and computer.  From electroshock machines to psychosurgery  instruments, the FDA’s Device division has aided and abetted every horrific experimental assault on the human brain and mind.   Surely, it will not back down from doing the bidding of Elon Musk’s seemingly more scientific aspirations for computer control of the brain and mind control. 

We only know about all this story of mind control because of the magnificent work of Aaron and Melissa Dykes. Aaron and Melissa, you are our personal heroes!

Aaron and Melissa are humanity’s best hope in warning us all about these dangers.  We hope this award will encourage more widespread recognition and support or their work in defending the human brain from the wave of inhumane, ghastly experimentation that is about to surge across the world.


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