June 13, 2019

Alert 105: Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children! or SPAC!

My Wednesday June 12, 2019 show was my most impassioned discussion of The Psychiatric Abuse of Children with guest psychotherapist Michael Cornwall, PhD adding experience and grounding, as well as wisdom.  What the FDA has unleashed upon children is unprecedented and begins a new era of electrical abuse.

Michael and I tell you about our new organization that this atrocity has inspired.  It’s called Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children! or SPAC! We invite you to join SPAC! And  we invite you to help us stop this latest psychiatrist abuse of children.   This will be my first major organized reform effort in many years.  SPAC! will be directed by Michael through our nonprofit Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy. 

The FDA has approved using a TENS machine called Monarch to delivery electrical “stimulation” to the forehead through to delicate, vulnerable frontal lobes of children to treat ADHD.  The current spreading diffusely like a mini-electrical lobotomy cannot fix anything. It actually causes a broad  electrical disruption of normal brain function.  I was so dismayed but this “treatment,” I stumble on air trying to find words horrific enough to describe the size of the danger to children. 

The current is applied every night, all night, to the entirely normal brains of children 7 to 12 years old with no apparent limit on for how many months or years of treatment.    Now that it’s FDA approved, Monarch can be legally used on any and all children at the doctor’s whim.  The FDA required only a single 4-week long study to approve this gross intrusion to the highest centers of the normal brain. 

Only 62 children were studied and only half of them got the electrical treatment.  It’s a tiny experimental group without replication by a second study that will lead to a pandemic of abuse.  Meanwhile, the manufacturer is intent on a year or more of electrifying the children every night, but its 12-month study utterly failed.  All but three children and families quit the study before it was scheduled to end.  The FDA gave no importance to this disastrous result, confirming that the FDA’s Medical Devices section has lost its conscience.

We are talking about a potentially disastrous tsunami of psychiatric abuse of children, spilling over onto adults.   Learn more about this “treatment” and about our new organization, including relevant publications you can download for free.

Peter R. Breggin