July 9, 2019

Alert 108: Get ready for Part II of “I Love You, Now Die”

Get ready for Part II of “I Love You, Now Die,” on HBO, Wednesday at 8 pm NY time.  The story of the girl who supposedly texted her boyfriend to death started out Tuesday night by morally and psychologically shredding teenager Michelle Carter the way the media and Massachusetts DA did and then gradually moves in a stunning fashion to begin to chip away at the “mean girl image” of Michelle Carter, hinting at her being made into a sacrificial lamb.  The documentary gives me the opportunity to comment on her humanity, the difficulty of being a young woman, and the distress she was experiencing.  

Just when I thought with disappointment that Part I was going to end without any mention of Michelle and her boyfriend being on antidepressants, the film foreshadows what is coming in Part II with a brief clip of me saying that this was a tragedy of two young people in love but they were not “star-crossed,” they were “drug-crossed.”    Part I was enlightening to the public and it may be that Part II will be even more so.  Watch HBO for Part II at 8 pm on Wednesday July 10.  Also, please take a look at my Michelle Carter page, including my series on Michelle and her trial with six of the best blogs I have ever written. 

Peter R. Breggin