August 3, 2017

Alert 11: Michelle Carter: The Story of the Girl Who Supposedly Told Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself

I was Michelle’s psychiatric expert. Following the judge’s decision to convict Michelle of manslaughter with words, he sentenced her today. And today, with the judge’s sentencing, I begin my series of reports on Mad in America about this tragic story.

The case and its outcome have grossly harmed Michelle and those who love her; and millions more will suffer from its negative impact.

The outcome of Michelle’s trial perpetuates the cover up of the dangers of psychiatric drugs and psychiatric diagnoses and treatment. The outcome ignores the vulnerability of children and youth, and their growing isolation from their parents and adult society. It confirms how social media have made young people too dependent on their peers as their last resort when feeling desperate and in need. It shows how therapists and prescribers have usurped and undermined the role of parents and teachers.

The court’s decision also enables the worst persecutory aspects of the criminal justice system. It further poses a major threat to First Amendment freedom of speech. Overall, it leaves many individuals and our whole society in a worse place.

Keep up with my series on Mad in America about Michelle, her case, and its implications for all of us.

Peter R. Breggin, MD