July 23, 2019

Alert 110: Let’s Talk About HBO’s Documentary “I Love You, Now Die”

On this week’s Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, I talk about the recent two-part HBO documentary “I Love You, Now Die,”  in which I play a significant role as a commentator and also with filmed segments of my trial testimony.  The documentary is about Michelle Carter, the high school girl convicted of murder for supposedly telling her boyfriend to kill himself.  I was the psychiatrist who testified on her behalf.   Starting with Michelle and her boyfriend Conrad,  I will examine how America has given up responsibility for its children.  Worse yet, America is destroying its children with psychiatric drugs and diagnoses, illegal drugs, social media, junk food, damaging schools, and political ideologies that make growing up nearly impossible.   In Michelle’s case, the legal system and the media blamed her for what the adult world did to her and to her boyfriend.  Call in, get involved, disagree with me, but let’s offer some leadership and inspiration to stopping the abuse our of children. 

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Peter R. Breggin