January 3, 2020

Alert 130: Overcoming the Madness in Us All

Come along with me on my psychological and spiritual adventure.  My blog, “Overcoming the Madness in Us All,” is being featured on Madness in America.  

I love this new blog.  It captures some of my deepest thoughts about human suffering and human relationship—thoughts I hope will help people live lives that exceed all their expectations.   That’s what these ideas have done for me—helped me to live a far happier and more satisfying life than I ever imagined and to keep me doing so for many decades. 

The blog “Overcoming the Madness in Us All” is the written approach these ideas that I’ve been refining with the approach of the New Year. On my YouTube Channel, you can find my two earlier spontaneous presentations on my radio/TV show that led up to the blog.  The first TV video is “What Makes Us Suffer and Ultimately Recover—Or Not”  The follow-up video presented on January 1, 2020 is called “The Best Stuff I Have Learned from Life.”   

Peter R. Breggin