February 11, 2020

Alert 133: Sexual Freedom? Or Scientific Fraud? A major expose’ on Dr. Breggin’s radio/TV hour

Judith A. Reisman PhD is my hero and my guest on this week’s radio/TV hour.  Against enormous opposition, Dr. Reisman exposed the scientific fraud and outright child abuse perpetrated by Alfred Kinsey, a fake researcher and advocate for the destruction of sexual morality, who led the exploding sexual revolution that begin in 1948 and has never slowed down since then.  His unethical, criminal activities–masquerading as science and published as bestsellers–helped to corrupt Western values, causing inestimable harm. We owe to him an escalation in broken families, the degradation of love and sexuality, and a rise in child abuse.  I guarantee you have never heard the full story.

Peter R. Breggin

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