April 10, 2020

Alert 141: Ginger Breggin’s Lockdown Blog

Ginger Breggin has begun to blog again.  Thank God.  I have missed her writing, because it is so good and inspiring.  It’s how I experience her in my life.  Ginger and I have coauthored several books together, including the bestseller Talking Back to Prozac and the seminal critique of governmental / psychiatric racism, The War Against Children of Color.   But all my better-written books have been influenced by her in myriad ways.  Her writing style flows easily and reaches out to people with warmth, reassurance, caring, and valuable information.  She always helps the reader feel more comfortable and understanding with themselves.  Ginger naturally writes with a fluency that I must consciously stretch myself to even approximate.  Her webpage is, but she’d like you to begin by going directly to the first of her new blog series.  It is called Covid-19 Lockdown – Day 19.  

Peter R. Breggin