July 7, 2020

Alert 156: CDC COVID-19 Surge Stats Exaggerated

Death Rates Remain Low

More Cases Needed for Herd Immunity

Ginger R. Breggin and Peter R. Breggin M.D


Americans are being frightened by the media and experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci into believing that we are in a crisis of skyrocketing COVID-19 cases due to the reopenings of communities in the US. States that had survived the first explosive wave of COVID-19, such as Florida, Texas, and other Southern and Southwestern states, were literally beginning to save America as they stimulated their economies, providing a vital lift to our national economic, social and emotional well-being. When these states became more open the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 remained reassuringly low.

In the past couple of weeks the nation is being loudly informed by experts and media that there has been an explosion of new COVID-19 cases in exactly those states that had done so well before, including Florida and Texas, two of the nation’s biggest contributors to the national economy.

A Fake Explosion of Coronavirus Cases?

We were shocked to discover that the “explosion” may have more to do with the loosening of CDC standards for reporting COVID 19 cases than with any real resurgence. Included in the new CDC standards are such criteria as this: If you have spent 10 minutes near a probable case and are found on contact tracing to have any number of symptoms that could be caused by asthma, allergy or the common cold, you are counted as a COVID-19 case, even without any laboratory testing result. Read more…