September 20, 2017

Alert 17 : How Adult Society Betrayed Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy

 The final installment of the Michelle Carter story shows how an innocent, caring 17-year-old, convicted of manslaughter by words, was systematically victimized by the District Attorney’s Office of Bristol Massachusetts.   The DA crushed the life of a girl who was already impaired by emotional problems, antidepressant drugs, and an abusive relationship with her alleged victim, Conrad Roy.   The victors? Assistant DA Rayburn, now nominated by the governor for a lifetime judgeship, and the Pharmaceutical Empire that once again escapes any blame for destroying the lives of millions of children.  

But the issues in this unjust prosecution and verdict go beyond the personal ambitions of the DA’s office, and even beyond the drug companies. America’s children, 25% or more of them on psychiatric drugs, many of them like Michelle caught up in self-destructive social media relationships, are being abandoned by adult America.   Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy exemplify the ultimate sacrifice of our children to psychiatric industrial interests, to the illegal drug trade, and to America’s escalating failure to take responsibility for its children and youth. 

Peter R. Breggin, MD