January 27, 2018

Alert 29 : Explosive New Psy-Drug Documentary

Andrew Thibault’s new feature-length film, Speed Demons: Dying for Attention, is among the very best films ever made about the menace of psychiatric neurotoxins to children and adults.  While focusing on ADHD and amphetamines, it offers a dramatic, gripping indictment of the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Empire. 

With  a balance of fresh vivid personal stories and expert commentary, it is beautifully written and filmed to change minds.  The featured life story could not be more empathically told or more appropriate.  This film has the quality to transform the direction of thinking of the uninitiated and to sharpen the perceptions of those immersed in the field of psychiatric reform.

The moment you get a chance, go here to watch Speed Demons.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Andrew Thibault!   Against many odds, even defeating the FDA in court, he has prepared and devoted himself to telling the truth about violence and psychiatric drugs.  With this film, he justifies all his arduous work; but I eagerly await his next project, because I know he has a lot more to share with us.

Peter R. Breggin, MD