April 25, 2018

Alert 40: Relationships Are Key to a Good Life

Relationships are the make or break point of a good life.  My radio show this week is all about that.  It could change your life.

I am moving my efforts toward sharing my knowledge about relationships, because it’s the most important issue in every one of our lives–how we relate to each other, whether in professional therapeutic relationships or in friendship and family life.   We can best measure the satisfaction we have in life by the quality of our relationships.  My guest on this week’s radio show, Bob Foltz, confirms it:  Fame, wealth or success in fulfilling our ideals can build our self-esteem and make us proud, but it cannot bring the deepest satisfaction; only wonderful personal relationships can do that.   Even in formalized therapies, it is the caring relationship that ultimately matters.   My goal is the liberation of people-helping-people from the confines and corruption of professionalism.  I want to make the know-how of relationship and helping one another available to everyone. This radio show is a step in that direction!

Peter R. Breggin, MD