May 21, 2018

Alert 44: Head of NRA recognizes threat of psychiatric drugs to children

The recognition by Oliver North and Red State that drugging our children is a national catastrophe is good news!   But we must remember that the harms from massively drugging our children are far more extensive than the horrific episodes of drug-driven violence. 

Diagnosing and drugging our children demoralizing them, injures their brains, and robs them of a sense of self-determination and personal responsibility.  Instead of learning how to take charge of their brains and minds, they are given accommodations and a dulled brain.  Diagnosis and treatment discourage parents and teachers from believing they can help the children in their care, and instead professionals take over. 

This dreadful processing of our children through the psychiatric system keeps children from receiving what they really need–improved relationships with their parents, teachers and peers.  Helping our children begins with helping the adults in their lives who are responsible for helping the children grow up.  Instead, our children increasingly feel alienated from the entire society, starting with their families and their schools.   

Please see my books Talking Back to Ritalin and also Reclaiming Our Children, which I wrote in response to the Columbine mass murders.  


Peter R. Breggin, MD