July 31, 2018

Alert 51: Enroll in My Comprehensive On-Line LIVE Interactive Course on Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Deadline August 31, 2018

August 31, 2018 is the deadline to sign up for my most exciting and comprehensive in-depth course on psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychiatric drug withdrawal. It’s on-line and LIVE and interactive!

Overall, this course will help professional and non-professional people be more helpful to people in distress whether in their clinical practices or their family and personal lives. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of what works and does not work in the field of mental health.

Created in partnership with nutritionist Pam Popper, the on-line, LIVE and interactive course with hours of dramatic videos is called “Why and How to Withdraw from Psychiatric Drugs.” It includes dozens of hours of moving videos with me interacting with a seminar of professional and lay people plus LIVE interactive on-line classes with an outstanding colleague of mine, psychiatrist Pinar Miski, MD. I will also make impromptu visits to the on-line classes. All my videos are new for the course.

This is by far the best in-depth LIVE and interactive experience about my ideas and work as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. We invite anyone who is interested to check out the complete curriculum. It will be enlightening to professionals, to people seeking better control over their lives, to family members, and to anyone interested in new approaches to mental health and well-being. This is not a “treatment” program, it’s what you may really need and want—an educational program that can change how you look at and conduct your professional and personal lives.

Although the course is broad in scope, it emphasizes psychiatric drug withdrawal. Although there are other books and classes that address aspects of drug withdrawal, this is the most comprehensive program to teach practitioners, patients and families “the whole story” – the actual causes of psychological suffering, the consequences of drugging, and effective methods for helping people to extract themselves from “the psychiatric mill.”

For more information on this or other Wellness Forum courses, call 614-841-7700 or email [email protected].


Peter R. Breggin, MD