August 12, 2018

Alert 53: Our Website Has 1 Million Unique Visitors Since May 2017

Great news about this website!  This week surpassed 1 million unique visitors since early May 2017.  In the same 15 months, it also exceeded 5,250,000 total visits. And we are definitely accelerating in our growth.  On YouTube, just one of my videos for the series called Simple Truths about Psychiatry now has 430,720 views.

Ginger and I want to thank the millions of people who have been following us during this time on our website, on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on my radio show.  I also want to thank all of you who are making use of my books and scientific publications.   Public awareness is growing and so is our outreach. 

And remember, this Wednesday, today, at 4 pm New York time, my live radio show is taking callers for the entire hour.  Let’s talk together about how to recover from trauma and psychiatric drugs!  Phone me 888 874 4888.  As always, the show will also be archived on  Among the latest innovations, if you listen to the radio show, you will find out how to email me directly with comments on the show, including guests you would like to hear, topics you want covered, and questions you would like answered on the air. 

Also check out our new feature on the website:  Daily Breaking News.


Peter R. Breggin, MD