July 10, 2017

Frequent Alert 8 : July 10, 2017.  The Biggest Lie of All about Psychiatric Drugs

There are so many lies about psychiatric drugs, including the biochemical imbalance theory, why do I focus this one—that disturbed mental patients must take the drugs to prevent them from killing people?   It has many harmful ramifications for individuals and for society.

 The Pharmaceutical Empire has put fear into the population about patients stopping their drugs, growing wildly psychotic, and then killing people.   This fabricated modern myth then allows them to override civil liberties and to push for laws that force patients to stay on their drugs even when they are living at home.  It also gives all psychiatric drugs an aurora of magical effectiveness that none of them possess.  

 Imagine running an industry where you can force people to use your products—even if the products are poisonous neurotoxins.  Imagine convincing people that they are indispensable to a smooth-running society.  Imagining getting the government to enforce your profit-making goals of turning people into consumers whether they want your products or not?

 To learn more about this travesty, go to my latest blog on Natural News.

Peter R. Breggin, MD