February 25, 2019

Alert 85: The Film on mind control, The Minds of Men, passes 1.3 million viewers on YouTube

Featuring Dr. Peter Breggin, the free full-length documentary on federal support of mind control, The Minds of Men, has now exceeded 1.3 million viewers on YouTube with hundreds of thousands more in other venues.  The Minds of Men is not about conspiracy theories.  The documentary proves efforts by the CIA, the Justice Department, federal health agencies like NIMH and NIH, and wealthy “philanthropic” trusts to support sensory deprivation, electroshock (ECT), lobotomy and psychosurgery, and other horrendous experiments on human beings. 

Although the ads for the film emphasize Dr. Breggin’s contributions, it covers many additional clandestine projects that were unknown to him until disclosed by the filmmakers and researcher Aaron and Melissa Dykes.  These organized clandestine efforts often involved high-ranking government officials and respected figures in psychiatry, psychology and medicine.  Dr. Breggin and Ginger Breggin led successful campaigns that stopped two of the largest, best-documented projects, one dealing with a giant federal eugenics program  called the Violence Initiative and the other involving psychosurgery.  In books and in scientific articles the Breggins describe their project and their successful efforts to stop them.  On their website,, they provide a broad introduction to their efforts in Psychiatry as an Instrument of Social and Political Control