February 28, 2019

Alert 87: Parts IV and V of Dr. Breggin’s The Minds of Men Interview Posted

Dr. Peter Breggin releases Parts IV and V of his uncut interview filmed for the highly successful documentary The Minds of Men by Aaron and Melissa Dykes.  These two interviews describe his battle against elite members of Boston and Harvard’s powerful medical community, among them the director of neurosurgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital.


Dr. Breggin describes his confrontation with Senator Ted Kennedy, chair of the Senate Committee on Health, a leading defender of the Boston doctors, including how he forced the Senator to hold public hearings on psychosurgery and then confronted him with TV cameras rolling. 


When Dr. Breggin started his successful international campaign to stop psychosurgery in the early 1970s, he never imagined the mind-control aspirations and racist motivations espoused by key neurosurgeons and psychiatrists. For detailed descriptions of Peter and Ginger Breggin’s successful campaigns to stop federally-funded psychosurgical, eugenic and racist programs of behavioral control, see Psychiatry as an Instrument of Social and Political Control. See also the full documentary for which this interview was conducted: The Minds of Men

All the interview parts posted to date are collected in this Playlist