April 18, 2019

Alert 95: “The Best of the Best!”

My guest on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour yesterday April 17, 2019 is the “Best of the Best.”  She is Mary Neal Vieten, PhD, a Commander in the US Navy. This psychologist directs a most extraordinary program outside the military to help active duty and retired warfighters to reconsider psychiatric medications, to deal with trauma and other blocks to success, and to achieve new goals for themselves.  

Especially impressive to me is the thoroughness with which she has dispatched the medical model and all the lingo associated with it in order to remove all stigma and to focus on personal empowerment.  Commander Vieten is accomplishing one of the single most important goals we can aspire to—the successful development of non-medical, educational and caring-based programs for people who are suffering from severe emotional stress compounded by dreadful medical diagnoses and treatment.  I am deeply appreciative of her work.

One of my most esteemed audience members texted me about the interview, “Exceptional episode! One of my favorites.” Commander Vieten’s approach, called Warfighter ADVANCE, is at the cutting edge of improved services for those who need and want to be treated as human beings rather than as patients and disease entities.  To hear her radio interview with me go to and locate The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour our go directly to the Archive of my show

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Peter R. Breggin