April 27, 2019

Alert 97: Part 8 of Dr. Breggin’s Interview for The Minds of Men

“Sadists with Agendas” is the subject as Dr. Peter Breggin examines the motives behind psychiatric atrocities in segment VIII, the final part of his unedited interview filmed for use in the amazing blockbuster film, The Minds of Men, which features Dr. Breggin. 

Dr. Breggin shares his feelings, thoughts and actions surrounding one of the most important accomplishments of his career: his successful international campaign to stop the world-wide resurgence of brain-mutilating lobotomy and psychosurgery. In the several segments, he describes his response to learning the truth about the hidden, devastating impact on children and adults and his discovery of the racist and political ambitions of leading psychiatrists and neurosurgeons.

The Full Interview of Dr. Breggin for The Minds of Men

For detailed descriptions of Peter and Ginger Breggin’s successful campaigns to stop federally-funded psychosurgical, eugenic and racist programs of behavioral control, see Psychiatry as an Instrument of Social and Political Control. See also the full documentary for which this interview was conducted: The Minds of Men

See all 8 parts of the interview in a Playlist.