September 3, 2015

Danish Public Meeting Sept 16, 2015

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Program (download as PDF)

Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good

Wednesday 16 September 2015, from 8 am to 5 pm

Bethesda, Rømersgade 17, København (Israels Plads)

8.00 Arrival (come early, we start at 8.30 sharp).

8.30 Peter C Gøtzsche: Introductory remarks.

8.45 Robert Whitaker: Our psychiatric drug epidemic, a historical overview.

9.30 Questions.

9.45 Coffee break.

10.15 Peter C Gøtzsche: Why few patients benefit from the drugs and many are harmed by them.

11.00 Questions

11.15 Robert Whitaker: ADHD, changing the child instead of the environment.

11.45 Questions

12.00 Lunch.

12.45 Peter C Gøtzsche: A psychiatry without forced admission and treatment is a must.

1.15 Questions

1.30 Personal accounts of patients driven into suicide by an antidepressant drug:

Mathy Downing, Wendy Dolin, Stephanie McGill Lynch, Leonie Fennell and Kim Witczak.

2.30 Questions.

2.45 Coffee break.

3.15 Peter Breggin: How to practice psychiatry without drugs.

3.45 Questions.

4.00 Peter Breggin: Chronic brain impairment and psychiatric drug withdrawal.

4.45 Questions.

5.00 Closure.


Please preregister, as the number of seats are limited. E-mail [email protected] with the subject line ”Psychiatry meeting 16 Sept” and with your full name in the body of the e-mail. We will respond by e-mail and tell you how to transfer the payment (700 kr, which includes lunch and coffee). You are registered when we have received your payment.


Robert Whitaker is an award winning science journalist, member of the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University in Boston.


Peter Breggin is a psychiatrist who has published many books critical of psychiatric drug use and has been an expert witness in many US court cases about drug harms.


Peter C Gøtzsche is a professor in clinical research design and analysis, specialist in internal medicine, and the founder of the Nordic Cochrane Centre.


Mathy Downing, Sara Bostock, Wendy Dolin, Stephanie McGill Lynch, Leonie Fennell and Kim Witczak lost a daughter, son or husband to an SSRI that there was no good reason to prescribe to them.



Most relevant books by the speakers


Gøtzsche: Deadly psychiatry and organised denial. Copenhagen: People’s Press; Sept 2015.

Gøtzsche: Dødelig psykiatri og organiseret fornægtelse. København: People’s Press; Sept 2015.

Gøtzsche: Deadly medicines and organised crime : How big pharma has corrupted health care. London: Radcliffe Publishing; 2013.

Gøtzsche: Dødelig medicin og organiseret kriminalitet: Hvordan medicinalindustrien har korrumperet sundhedsvæsenet. København: People’s Press, 2013.


Whitaker: Mad in America. Cambridge: Perseus Books Group; 2002.

Whitaker: Anatomy of an Epidemic. New York: Broadway Paperbacks; 2010.

Whitaker: Den psykiatriske epidemi: illusionen om mirakelpillen. Søborg: Psykovision; 2013.


Breggin: Psychiatric drug withdrawal: a guide for prescribers, therapists, patients, and their families. New York: Springer Publishing Company; 2013.

Breggin: Medication madness. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin; 2008.

Breggin: Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock and the Psychopharmaceutical Complex, Second Edition. New York: Springer Publishing company; 2008.



Speakers’ accounts of patients driven into suicide by an antidepressant drug: Mathy Downing Sarah Bostock Wendy Dolin Leonie Fennell Kim Witczak


Other websites: Peter Gøtzsche’s website, with links to lectures, and other information. Robert Whitaker’s website about why psychiatry hasn’t delivered. Peter Breggin’s website about why and how to avoid psychiatric drugs. Psychiatrist David Healy‘s website about the risks of taking prescription drugs. offers consultation with a medication specialist for a fee. MindFreedom International unites grassroots groups to win human rights and alternatives for people labelled with psychiatric disabilities. Lawyer Jim Gottstein’s website about the force of the law and human rights. Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry about the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs. Psychiatric survivor Laura Delano’s website with tips about how you can recover from psychiatry.