February 22, 2016

Dr. Peter Breggin’s Media

Dr. Breggin has been filmed innumerable times on major-network television, at conferences, before Congress, and by many independent filmmakers. Here are links to specific categories:

I. Dr. Breggin’s Simple Truths. A series about psychiatry covers topics such as the myth of biochemical imbalances, the deception behind the ADHD diagnosis, dangers of stimulant drugs for children, tardive dyskinesia, electroshock treatment (ECT), the failure of antidepressant medications and better approaches and the failure of antipsychotic drugs and better approaches.

II. The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour. Hear The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, live every Wednesday at 4 pm (US east coast), and as of November 2019, appearing also on TV. One of the most popular shows on the Progressive Radio Network. Dr. Breggin presents an hour of conversation with enlightening and pioneering individuals in the broad fields of mental health, psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and individual well-being.

III. Dr. Breggin’s testimony before Congress. Dr. Breggin appeared as lead expert witness before the Veterans Affairs Committee on antidepressant-induced violence and suicide.

IV. Media appearances. Dr. Breggin’s appearances on TV, conference presentations, Congressional testimony, and other films of Dr. Breggin.

V. Dr. Breggin on YouTube