April 12, 2010

Welcome to Dr. Peter Breggin’s

Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD has founded a new organization and annual conference along with his wife, Ginger Breggin. Through their nonprofit Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy conferences you can truly get to know him and his ideas, and to closely interact with him and some of his closest colleagues.


You’ve read or heard about Dr. Breggin’s many books like Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac and Medication Madness.  You’ve heard him on the radio or seen him on TV on Oprah, Larry King Live, or The O’Reilly Factor.  Maybe you’ve heard him speak but never spoken to him.  This is the best opportunity ever to make a direct and personal connection with Dr. Breggin and some of his closest colleagues.

Learn to love and enjoy, and to do your best when working with children, adults, and families. And learn to do it without the dehumanizing diagnoses and drugs of biological psychiatry.  This is a continuation and expansion of Dr. Breggin’s life work with the emphasis on enhancing your experience and empowering you in your work as a counselor, psychologist, social worker, mental health practitioner, teacher, pediatrician or psychiatrist.  The Empathic Therapy Conferences are open to the public.

You can receive Dr. Breggin’s free newsletter and keep up with his newly developing organization on Dr. Breggin’s website, You can also watch a video of his recent testimony before Congress on why our active duty soldiers shouldn’t be given antidepressant drugs and see his many Simple Truths About Psychiatry Video series, as well as all his books.

Dr. Breggin is a psychiatrist in private practice in Ithaca, New York, where he sees adults and children with their families, and offers consultations on how to withdraw from psychiatric medications.  Dr. Breggin can be reached through or by phoning his office at 607 272 5328.