December 28, 2014

Especially for Therapists

Therapists throughout the world have been empowered by Dr. Peter Breggin to work with their clients and patients in more empathic, enjoyable, and less authoritarian ways. They have also been encouraged to trust their personal intuition and understanding that psychiatric diagnoses and drugs do more harm than good, and that an honest relationship comes first.

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Here are some of Dr. Breggin’s other resources that you as a therapist might find especially useful. Many of them were created with therapists in mind:

(1) Guilt, Shame and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions is a guide to emotional freedom. This book can:

    • Empower your clients to achieve greater emotional freedom.
    • Identify the sources of your client’s self-defeating primitive emotions in biological evolution and in the stresses of childhood and adult life.
    • Help your clients discover and improve their emotional profile with checklists and tables.
    • Focus on those feelings and values that will empower your client.
    • Provide your clients with a handbook for self-improvement that complements your therapy.

(2) Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and their Families gives information on how and why to reduce or withdraw from psychiatric drugs. This book can:

    • Empower you to stop blindly enforcing destructive “medication compliance.”
    • Provide you with accurate knowledge to discuss the adverse effects of drugs with your clients.
    • Help you to take a leadership role when your clients talk about wanting to withdraw from psychiatric drugs.
    • Overall, play a more ethical and effective role in helping your clients or patients understand the value of reducing or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

(3) Dr. Breggin’s Empathic herapy Training Video aims at helping therapists to bring out the best in themselves in order to bring out the best in their clients. Exciting therapy sessions with Dr. Breggin are observed by a group of professionals who comment and make suggestions for alternative approaches.

(4) “The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour” is Dr. Breggin’s weekly radio & TV interview show in which he discusses and shares ideas with people on the cutting edge of therapy, psychology, psychiatry, and mental wellbeing. The show is live on on Wednesday at 4 pm (NY time) and shortly thereafter posted on youtube and archived. Many people love to follow this show; it will keep you abreast of the most interesting and effective approaches in the field.