May 28, 2017

Alert 2, May 28, 2017: Coming May 31: Super nutritionist Pam Popper guest on Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

This coming Wednesday May 31, 2017 at 4 pm East Coast time, nutritionist and healthcare provider Pam Popper PhD will be my guest on The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour on the Internet live at That evening or the next day, the hour will be permanently archived without charge and can be found on my website

This upcoming May 31st radio interview show will be extraordinary for me. For the first time, Pam and I will explore and describe in public the partnership plans we have for changing the provision of healthcare in America through certified courses and training programs in both vegetable-based nutrition and drug-free mental health services. Most exciting, Pam is leading the way and working with me to develop clinics that provide a full range of medical and psychological services, beginning with vegetable-based nutrition and drug-free psychotherapy as the first-line approach to treatment. These full service clinics will also provide more traditional healthcare services by physicians using medications, where scientifically valid for physical disorders.

Pam Popper plays a very similar role in the world of nutrition as I have played within psychiatry and mental health. She a genuine researcher who draws conclusions and make recommendation on the basis of science. She does not promote nutritional fads as so many others do, but instead bases her work firmly on human evolution, scientific studies of human societies, and animal and human studies. Like me, Pam has of course endured attacks from the establishments that she threatens, and like me, she has fought back successfully. Unlike me, she has an amazing capacity for business organization and conceptualizing and implementing educational and healthcare services.

We are talking about real adventures in healthcare aimed at transforming the system through education and through the actual provision of services through clinics under the umbrella of Pam’s Wellness Forum Health

Nearing completion now is a college credit course on “Why and How to Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs.” Based on nearly 30 hours of video of me interacting spontaneously around selected topics with seminar participants, the upcoming class includes on-line interaction with a psychiatrist (not me) who will lead live discussions and answer questions based on the my videos and on reading materials. I will announce the class on Frequent Alerts when it becomes available this fall and describe the certificates for professionals and laypersons.

Pam and I are exploding with ideas and new activities, and may even evolve some surprises for ourselves in the upcoming radio interview in the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour.

Meanwhile, you can watch a lovely conversation between Pam and me for 17 minutes in her office in Columbus, Ohio. The video is on the page advertising the conference I am cosponsoring with her in November 2017 in Columbus. As part of my co-sponsoring, we have invited Peter Gøtzsche, MD, the marvelous Danish physician and researcher, and critique of the Pharmaceutical Empire. Pam is inviting pioneers in plant-based eating and in medicine who will educate and inspire anyone interested in healthy eating that can change your life. Under her program and care, I’ve lost 15 pounds in less than two months and I’m healthier than ever. You can find additional information about our partnership conference on my website

Peter R. Breggin, MD