April 12, 2021

Frequent Alert 200– 911 First Responder Speaks Up for America

Lt. Frank Moore is a retired New York City Firefighter who dug headfirst into the steaming, burning rubble of the Twin Towers on 911 looking for survivors. His book, “America the Exceptional: Restoring a Wayward Nation’s Greatness” is as good as its title makes it sound. Frank comes from the same heart and spiritual place as I do and we discuss our very similar views on what makes American a blessed nation and how we might fight to revive this love of individuality and equality under God. Most of the hour is devoted to Frank’s eloquent understanding of America and the direction we must take to survive and once again to thrive. Frank’s voice is remarkable in its clarity and fund of information. You will love listening to him. Frank’s book was published in 2019 shortly before COVID-19. The principles he describes and which we share explain what has been lost and must be found to fight against the assault of the global predators domestically and internationally. Frank is a fund of insights and information and you will definitely learn from him about America’s founding and about today’s betrayal of origins.