July 9, 2021

Frequent Alert 218–The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

Miklos Lukacs PhD is a Peruvian philosopher and historian, now living in England.  In our interview, he examines transhumanism, the concept of using the latest technology and scientific advances to improve on human beings—our bodies, our brains, and our minds. Transhumanists look to neurotechnology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology to overcome human limitations and improve the human condition. As Dr. Lukacs describes, their religion is atheism, scientism, and Marxism/progressivism. From my perspective, they have no interest in human liberty and love, which Dr. Lukacs confirms. 
              Consider that biological psychiatry in essence is transhumanistic: it relies on electrodes in the brain, brain stimulators, electroshock, and drugs to improve the condition of their “patients” minds and spirits. Meanwhile, concerns like liberty and love play no role in their approach to helping people, which is essentially transhumanistic, authoritarian, and totalitarian. Along with many of my listeners, I have been fighting transhumanism my entire career of psychiatric reform without giving it that name. Psychosurgery, which I aggressively opposed, is another gruesome expression of transhumanism. So, potentially, are RNA and DNA vaccines.   
       With my coauthor Ginger Breggin, I discuss transhumanism in our book COYID-19 and the Global Predators. These exploiters and manipulators of humanity can often be seen as transhumanists. Their intellectual leader Klaus Schwab is an avowed, promotional transhumanist. The Communist Chinese, with whom the global predators align, fit very closely into the description of transhumanists. In modern times, a great deal of evil is perpetrated in the guise of transhumanism. 
       My thinking grew from my conversation with Dr. Lukacs and yours may, too. We use this radio and video technology to spread the principles of individuality, liberty, and love rather than the physical transformation of our brains and minds to make us more docile and conforming.