November 26, 2018

Alert 70 : Are Emotional Disorders Really Disorders of Love?

Some of my most important thoughts ever?   I think so. 

I’m best known for my criticism of psychiatric drugs; but for an even longer time, I have been working on and writing about why people become distressed and disturbed and what can be done to help them.   

I have now come the closest I have been to capturing the essence of what causes people become emotionally distressed and what best helps them heal.   Among my many books, scientific articles, and other writings, the relative few words in this blog are among the most important I have written.   I will be elaborating on these ideas from time to time in the future but please get started thinking along with me on perhaps the most important human issue—why we become emotionally distraught and what we need to do about it for ourselves and for others. 

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Peter R. Breggin, MD