May 7, 2014

M. N. G. (Graham) Dukes, MD Quote

“And then it is that many a conscientious attorney has succeeded in calling Peter Breggin to his aid. I do not know how many shadowy invitations Dr. Breggin has set aside, but I do know that he has accepted to assist only in those instances where he had good reason to believe that he could serve the best of all causes, that of justice. In court, Dr. Breggin’s answers from the witness box are calm, qualified, and above all abundantly clear. They are patently hon­est and impartial. They bear the stamp of reasoned authority and brave conviction. They reflect a broad and deep knowledge; but, even more important than that, they display the understanding that comes with wisdom and a deep respect for one’s fellow men.”


M. N. G. (Graham) Dukes, MD. Graham is a physician and a lawyer, trained at Cam­bridge University in Britain and Leiden in the Netherlands. He has worked in drug research, national drug regulation and the World Health Organization. Awarded a professorship in Drug Policy at the University of Groningen, he now lectures At the University if Oslo in Norway. He is the long-time edi­tor of Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs and the author if many books on drug policy including Responsibility for Drug-In­duced Injury: A Reference Book for Lawyers, the Health Professions and Manufacturers, and The Law and Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is a senior consultant on drug policy to the World Bank and has frequently served as an expert witness in medical-legal disputes.


Quoted from a longer contribution by Dr. Dukes in The Conscience of Psychiatry: The Reform Work of Peter R. Breggin, MD.