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Part I: Michelle Carter: Did She Text Her Boyfriend to Death?

Part II: Michelle Starts Prozac and Sees the Devil

Part III: DA Goes After Her Expert Witness to Stop His Blog

Part IV: Did She Tell Conrad to “Get back in the truck”?

Part V: The Michelle Carter Texting Trial Becomes a Witch Hunt

Part VI: How Adult Society Betrayed Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy


Additional Presentations Related to Michelle Carter

MIA Podcast: Dr. Peter Breggin Discusses Michelle Carter Case


Michelle Carter Archives


This Archive provides back up documentation for Dr. Breggin’s series on Mad in America titled, Michelle Carter:  The Story of the Girl Who Told Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself.  The series began on August 3, 2017. Learn Michelle’s story from the series.

Videos of the phases of the Michelle Carter trial can be found on the Internet:

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Background Documentation for First Report in the Series:  

During the cross-examination of Dr. Breggin, the prosecution claimed that Michelle’s multiple texts about cutting herself and her need for help were fake attempts to get sympathy and attention, and that no one had ever seen her scars or cuts. During continued cross-examination the following morning, Dr. Breggin produced two examples of friends who texted her with concern after noticing her scars or cuts in school.  In addition, note the high degree of empathy and caring exchanged between Michelle and her friends.  The warmth displayed in these two little snippets among these teens, including from Michele toward her many friends, is found abundantly and persistently throughout years of texting before and after Conrad’s death.   

After Michelle was indicted by the state for manslaughter and vilified in the press, she was nonetheless invited back to school for her senior year and before graduation was voted the class award for “Most Likely to Brighten Up Your Day.”

Background Documentation for Second Report in the Series:  

Involuntary Intoxication is a well-known legal defense. This article cites at least one of Dr. Breggin’s cases, Brancaccio v. State (in Florida). 
The somewhat balanced 20/20 feature allows me in several clips to summarize my view of the case, including the negative influence on  Michelle of both involuntary intoxication and Conrad’s battering of her with threats of suicide.