Monthly Archives: January 1973

Psychosurgery (1973)

Journal of the American Medical Association, 226(9) 1121. To the Editor. THE JOURNAL (225:916, 1973) described me as “Undoubtedly the one person most responsible for politicizing psychosurgery ….” In this and a succeeding article (225:1035, 1973), the writer defends lobotomists and psychosurgeons and promotes their work as pure science unhappily […]

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The second wave of psychosurgery (1973)

M/H (Mental Health) 57:10-13. LOBOTOMY and psychosurgery are upon us again! In Philadelphia a black man dies of an overdose of heroin, and a reporter notices peculiar scars on his head. A portion of his brain has been burned out in an experimental attempt to cure his addiction. The neurosurgeon […]

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