Monthly Archives: July 2018

Alert 51: Enroll in My Comprehensive On-Line LIVE Interactive Course on Psychiatry and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Deadline August 31, 2018 August 31, 2018 is the deadline to sign up for my most exciting and comprehensive in-depth course on psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychiatric drug withdrawal. It’s on-line and LIVE and interactive! Overall, this course will help professional and non-professional people be more helpful to people in distress […]

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The Trouble With ADHD

Published in The Washington Post Magazine, June 17, 2011 It’s a struggle for Andrew Fraser just to be here. He is sitting politely in the dining room of a Silver Spring church, where each Thursday morning all 36 students at the tiny Quaker middle school Andrew attends gather for silent […]

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Alert 50: First Live Chat

I had announced my first Open Mic program three days earlier on the Frequent Alerts and the moment the hour began at 4 pm New York time six phone lines lit up.  I took many great calls from India, Canada and across the US.  Questions like “Is schizophrenia curable?” and “Do bipolar people have […]

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Alert 49: Let’s Chat Live!

Let’s chat live!   This coming Wednesday July 18, 4-5 pm NY Time, call me live with your thoughts, ideas and questions @ 888 874 4888.  It’s Open Mike Wednesday on The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour. I’ll talk about stuff of interest to me and you can bring up what’s on your mind. I […]

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