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Frequent Alert 224–American betrayal

American Betrayal: Communist Influence in America and COVID-19   An interview with both mind-opening insights and breaking news about COVID-19.  Diana West is a journalist and deep-diving researcher whose book American Betrayal about the Communist influence in America changed my understanding of history and prepared me and my wife Ginger to write COVID-19 and […]

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Frequent Alert 221–COVID-19: A Weapon to Fundamentally Transform America

Marilyn Singleton MD, JD recently published a paper titled, “COVID-19: A Weapon to Fundamentally Change America” in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.   Progressive and capitalist predators alike are using COVID-19 to push America toward a one-party system, authoritarianism, and eventually totalitarianism. As a physician, lawyer and black woman, Dr. Singleton […]

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Frequent Alert 219–Pam Popper: Make Americans Free Again!

“MAKE AMERICANS FREE AGAIN!”   One woman inspires people across the U.S.A. to fight for healthcare freedom—and she’s winning.  An extraordinary, revitalizing hour with Pam Popper PhD about her new organization, about its legal efforts, about fighting against the abuse of children under COVID-19, and ultimately about regaining control over our […]

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