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Finnegan the Squirrel

Finnegan the Squirrel   The moral of this story is the best part!!! Debby Cantlon, who plans to release Finnegan, the young squirrel, back into the wild, bottle-fed the infant squirrel after it was brought to her house. When Cantlon took in the tiny creature and began caring for him, […]

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Lessons from the Death of “Mental Patient” Esmin Green

The Emergency Room video cam took it all in but no human response was forthcoming. Forty-nine year old Esmin Green had been involuntarily committed at the ER and then was left sitting on a bench for 24 hours before she toppled to the floor. She continued to be ignored by staff who saw her lying prostrate on the floor and was dead by the time a nurse checked her one hour later. The medical examiner reported that she died from thromboemboli—blood clots that traveled from her leg to her lung.

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Children Poisoning Themselves with Illegal Psychiatric Drugs

No one knows how many of America’s high school age youngsters are taking prescribed psychiatric drugs, but an estimate of 10%-15% would not be far off, and for some ages groups and circumstances it will be far too low. If we dip into special populations such as those in special education or foster care, the figure for those taking psychiatric drugs approaches 100%.

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The FDA Wants to Stop You from Protecting Yourself Against Drug Companies

Suing a drug company is your only way as an individual citizen of protecting yourself against drug company malfeasance. It’s the only way for you or your survivors to get justice or compensation if you have been injured or killed by drug company negligence. It should be a basic right under the law, and right now it is; but the FDA and the drug companies are on the verge of taking it away from you.

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From FDA to GSK: The Dangerous Partnership between Government and Big Pharma

Go to and click on “Latest Press Releases” and then click on “Dan Troy appointed Senior Vice President and General Counsel for GlaxoSmithKline.” It’s dated July 22, 2008. Above the press release you’ll see an ad with four people dancing ecstatically with their legs and arms flailing in all directions — presumably because GSK makes joyful drugs. Really, it’s a picture of GSK executives in a rite of greed celebrating the inclusion of attorney Dan Troy into their inner circle. The press release explains the reason for such a celebration at the pharmaceutical giant: “Dan was formerly Chief Counsel for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where he served as a primary liaison to the White House … ”

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