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Psychological Helplessness and Feeling Undeserving of Love: Windows Into Suffering and Healing

This report explores two closely related concepts: First, that most psychological suffering and personal failure is rooted in underlying feelings of helplessness (psychological helplessness); and second, that this suffering is often fueled by experiences and feelings of being unlovable and especially unworthy or undeserving of love. The scientific and clinical bases of these observations are presented, including their roots in attachment theory and child development, along with practical applications for therapy and life. 

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Scientific Study—Or Megadose Mass Murder?

From The New York Times to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), partisans have been promoting a “scientific study” that supposedly proves that chloroquine, and by association, hydroxychloroquine, are too dangerous to use in treating COVID-19 patients. The study gave such megadoses of chloroquine to such frail and ill patients that many were bound to die of drug toxicity. The ultimate motivation, it seems, was to discredit “Trump’s drug,” even at the cost of human lives.. Meanwhile, in Brazil where the study originated, the researchers are now under investigation as suspects in the deaths of their research subjects. At the very least, their recklessness seems to meet the standard of manslaughter by displaying “extreme, reckless disregard for life.” It may also be an extraordinary example of politically motivated mass murder under the guise of scientific research. Meanwhile, the American medical and media establishment continues unabated to use the study to contradict the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients.

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Why COVID-19 Clinical Trials Cannot Be Trusted

Science! We have been told that science must be relied upon to make our decisions when dealing with the pandemic called COVID-19. We must in effect bow down to science, no matter how humiliating and painful it may feel. But science has an Achilles heel—a fatal flaw that can completely ruin it and frequently does. What is the fatal flaw of science? It is conducted by human beings. Where serious science controversies exist, science is no more reliable than politics…or heaven forbid…no more reliable than religion. Science is only as dependable as the people who conduct and disseminate it. The adage for judging opinions still holds true—consider the source!

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