Drugs, Shock Treatment and more

Dr. Peter Breggin’s Recent Scientific Publications on Guilt, Shame and Anxiety

Dr. Breggin’s book and peer-reviewed scientific papers below present a new approach to understanding and overcoming guilt, shame and anxiety. For the first time, guilt, shame and anxiety can be understood for what they are, negative legacy emotions—primitive, prehistoric residuals of biological evolution that now do more harm than good. […]

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FDA actions and shortcomings

Dr. Breggin’s educational campaigns and his scientific research contributed have put pressure on the FDA to change the contents of numerous FDA-approved labels for psychiatric drugs, including the neuroleptic (antipsychotic) drugs and the newer antidepressants. Dr. Breggin’s articles about the FDA, especially the implications of recent label changes, can be […]

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Media Interviews and Testimony

  See also Dr. Breggin’s Simple Truths Video Series   Dr. Breggin interviewed on BBC Radio, Feb 15, 2016         Dr. Breggin interviewed on 16×9 Antidepressant-Violence Exposé (2013) See also 16×9 article on antidepressant violence         Dr. Breggin interviewed on the Tom Sullivan Show […]

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From FAQ: Addiction and withdrawal

All psychiatric drugs have the potential to cause withdrawal reactions, including the antidepressants, stimulants, tranquilizers, antipsychotic drugs, and “mood stabilizers” such as lithium. When the individual’s condition grows markedly worse within days or weeks of stopping the psychiatric drug, this is almost always due to a withdrawal reaction. However, misinformed […]

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From FAQ: ECT and psychosurgery

The hazards of electroshock and psychosurgery Electroshock (ECT) and lobotomy (psychosurgery) exemplify the tendency of psychiatric practitioners to inflict brain damage on patients in the name of “treatment.” Many people are surprised to learn that shock treatment is still widely used in the United States.  The subject is covered in […]

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Mental dysfunction and addiction caused by benzodiazepines

Currently among the most widely-prescribed psychiatric medications, benzodiazepines or tranquilizers can produce a wide variety of abnormal mental responses and hazardous behavioral abnormality, including rebound anxiety and insomnia, mania (especially Xanax) and other forms of psychosis, paranoia, violence, antisocial acts, depression, and suicide. These drugs can impair cognition, ranging from […]

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