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Bonnie Burstow! Few people are so enriched with so many gifts—spiritual, political, academic, scientific, literary and artistic; and among the gifted, even fewer choose to devote themselves lifelong to speaking truth to power to make this Earth a better, safer and more loving place.

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Alert 44: Head of NRA recognizes threat of psychiatric drugs to children

The recognition by Oliver North and Red State that drugging our children is a national catastrophe is good news!   But we must remember that the harms from massively drugging our children are far more extensive than the horrific episodes of drug-driven violence.  Diagnosing and drugging our children demoralizing them, injures their brains, and robs them […]

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Caroline Leaf

Third Recipient of the Honored Researcher Award in  Ethical Human Sciences and Services   The CSET HONORED RESEARCHER AWARD recognizes “Inspired and Courageous Contributions in Human Sciences and Services” and provides recipients an open platform to publish whenever they wish without fear of censorship. We aim to create a publication […]

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