April 2, 2008

Media Interviews and Testimony


See also Dr. Breggin’s Simple Truths Video Series


Dr. Breggin interviewed on BBC Radio, Feb 15, 2016





Dr. Breggin interviewed on 16×9 Antidepressant-Violence Exposé (2013)

See also 16×9 article on antidepressant violence





Dr. Breggin interviewed on the Tom Sullivan Show (2013)





Dr. Breggin on Fox News – Drugging the American Soldier (2013)





Dr. Breggin on Public Radio International about ADHD Over-diagnosis (2013)





Dr. Breggin’s Testimony Before The U.S. Congress (2011)





Radio Debate on ECT: Peter R. Breggin, MD Debates Helen Lavretsky, MD (2011)





Dr. Bert Karon Accepts the First Empathetic Therapy Award





BridgeStreet, ABC NewsChannel 9 (November 10, 2009)





Good Morning America, Risk of Sudden Death with ADHD Drugs (June 15, 2009)





FOX TV 13 interview about Medication Madness (July 7, 2008)





CTV Television, Toronto, Canada (April 2007)





Return To The Word radio interview, 2007





Dr Breggin Testifies before the FDA Hearing on Antidepressants, Dec 2006





The O’Reilly Factor on The Antidepressant Fact Book (Jan 2002)





Gil Noble’s Like It Is interview on the Violence Initiative (1980s)





Speech on totalitarian psychiatry in Nazi Germany and the U.S. Violence Initiative,
presented in Harlem, New York, in the early 1990s.





ECT (Shock-Treatment) Conference, National Institute of Mental Health (1985)





Dr Breggin clip from the documentary “Take These Broken Wings”
on those most vulnerable to psychiatric drugs