Monthly Archives: October 2009

“Wow, I’m an American!”

If you are one of those who can’t bear to think or to say, “Wow, I’m an American!” I hope you will read the book. It could change your life — not only your political views but also how you live your everyday life and make your everyday choices. “Wow, I’m an American!” is about the Founders, what they fought for, what they believed in, how they lived their lives, and how we can improve our own personal lives by applying the same principles and ideals.

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Ten Inevitable Tragic Consequences of National Health Care

With the looming probability of a “public option” as a prelude to full-blown national health care, it’s important examine the most threatening and even tragic unintended consequences for our society and morality. In recent months, my concerns about these and other drastic political changes have led me to shift my focus from psychiatric reform to the future of America, and I have recently published Wow, I’m an American! How to Live Like Our Heroic Founders.

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2011 Empathic Therapy Conference DVD set for sale!

  2011 Empathic Therapy Conference DVD set for sale!  The first ever Empathic Therapy Conference, held April 8-10, 2011, was a terrific success with exciting, informative and innovative speakers from around the world including:     Peter R. Breggin, MD: What is Empathic Therapy Alberto Fergusson MD: Guided Self-Rehabilitation of […]

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