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Wow, I’m an American!

Wow I'm an American

How to Live Like Our Nation’s Heroic Founders By Peter R. Breggin, M.D. Glossy Paperback 250 pages   Celebrate being an American and help others to do so as well. Wow, I’m an American: How to Live Like Our Nation’s Heroic Founders inspires us to live by principles of “life, […]

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Stimulants for ADHD Shown to Cause Sudden Death in Children

A new study, published Monday in the American Journal of Psychiatry, confirms what I’ve been warning about for years in my scientific books and articles. The stimulants used to treat children for so-called ADHD can cause sudden cardiac arrest and death in kids. The study was published by the journal online in advance of regular publication in the near future. On Monday, I had the opportunity to comment on the study on Good Morning America. Here is more detail.

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Cautionary Observations for My Fellow Idealists

As progressive idealists, you seem nearer than ever to achieving many of your goals for America. At the least, you have made a sharp turn in the direction you have sought for so long. You have a president of the United States and a Congress who seem devoted to the dreams of those who seek social justice, a less prejudiced and less predatory society, a fair if not equal distribution of wealth, more power to the working class, a more closely regulated economic system, and a more gentle international hand. You have a government that largely shares your concerns about health care, education and the environment.

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