May 21, 2019

Alert 100: Hear Scholar Jeffrey Masson on The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

Jeffrey Masson PhD. is an astonishing scholar and person who will be my guest on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour Wednesday May 22 at 4 pm New York Time on  Based on Freud’s personal correspondence, Jeff was the first to courageously disclose that the creator of psychoanalysis knew that many of his female patients had been sexually abused as children but hid the truth to protect his own professional status.   After writing more good books critical of psychiatry and psychotherapy, Jeff went on to an astonishing career writing extraordinarily empathic books about animals, both domesticated and wild.  He and I together also researched the role of psychiatry in Nazi Germany and presented on these topics in Cologne, Germany.  At that time, we visited a dreary and frightening East Berlin shortly before the Berlin Wall came down.  Jeff and I have so much to talk about that this show could range into all the most interesting nooks and crannies of human existence.   The last time he was on the radio with me in 2015, he was so amazing that I did a series of four separate hours with him.  I personally look forward to renewing my on-air visits with him.

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