June 11, 2019

Alert 104: New Project: Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children!

Along with my guest psychotherapist Michael Cornwall, we discuss the building of our new project, Spac! –Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children!   The inspiration for this was FDA approval of overnight electrical stimulation of the brains of children labelled ADHD with a TNS machine called Monarch.   Envision a future where children and their parents, and their teachers, and their doctors, all believe there is a newer and safer method than drugs–hooking up electrodes to the foreheads of kids to “stimulate” their frontal lobes every night.  Imagine millions of children enduring this stigma, this humiliation, this lie about being helped, this encouragement to see themselves as broken devices, and and the specter of unknowable long-term brain injury.   We don’t want to imagine it.  We want to stop it.  Call into the show with your own reactions and ideas!

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