April 8, 2020

Alert 140: Talking Together: Foolproof Principles for Great Communication

In this time of going stir crazy from the shutdown, this presentation could save your marriage and your family life. It can help you handle any trouble you may have now or in the future communicating with your husband or wife, your children, your friends, coworkers or boss. From decades of experience, here are four guidelines to vastly improve your life by vastly improving your relationships. I start with Western saloons that had signs, “Leave Your Guns Outside.” Even without guns or other weapons, we humans have so many ways of hurting each other in ordinary conversation. Here we learn how to stop hurting each other and then go on to how to make all of our words improve our communications and our most important relationships. This is among my best-ever presentations and perfect for those of us who are shut-in with family. It could turn those “inevitable” conflicts into the best times of our lives. You may end up grateful to this lousy virus for forcing you into learning how to remake your most important relationships. Meanwhile, thank you America for coming together, in part to save those of us like me who are old enough to be highly vulnerable to the corona virus.

Peter R. Breggin

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