October 16, 2017

Alert 19: Antidepressants Do Kill People

Two new 2017 research studies confirm that antidepressants shorten lives and make them worse.  

Maslej et al. found that antidepressants “increased mortality risk by 33%” and increased cardiovascular events by 14%, in the general population. 

Our findings provide corroborative evidence that cardiovascular status moderates the health risks associated with AD [antidepressant] use. In general populations, AD use was associated with a 33% increase in mortality and a 14% increase in the risk of new cardiovascular events. (Maslej et al, 2017, page 277)

Additionally, Mueller et al. found that antidepressants increase the risk of death in dementia patients.   

These and other new studies are organized by topic and available on my free resource center, Along with increasing evidence that antidepressants do not work, and that they increase the suicide rate, we now have increasing evidence that they reduce lifespan by making people deathly ill.  All of this is documented on  Antidepressants are not lifesaving—they are death causing. 

To make matters worse, antidepressants can be very dangerous during withdrawal, making people feel dangerously suicidal or violent. In my most recent book, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, I describe why, when,  and how to withdraw from antidepressants and every other class of psychiatric drug as safely as possible.

Peter R. Breggin, MD