May 9, 2018

Alert 42: I just can’t bear to think about it!

By Peter R. Breggin, MD

On my May 9, 2018 radio show, my friend and colleague Jeanne Stolzer PhD explained the transformative importance of the first few years of life. Did you know that infants nursed as much as they want until they are a few years old grow up much smarter, healthier and happier?  Did you know that mothers who nurse for several years at a time have little or no post-partum depression and instead thrive mentally and emotionally?  Do you know that nursing mothers hugely reduces the cost of healthcare for their infant and child, and even for themselves? 

Want to know why all this true?  Want to look at the complications of taking this seriously socially and politically?

Jeanne Stolzer is a true scientist and she has the data on this and more for a truly radical and informative hour of conversation.  If you listen, you are guaranteed to be informed in a new way about who you are.  You will be stirred into thought about how far human society has gone away from what sustained it.  

You will be aghast at how far we have strayed from what has nourished and informed us for 99.9999% of our evolution.   You may even end up changing how you raise your child and encourage other people to do the same.  You will better understand what ails you and human society.