October 18, 2018

Alert 62 : Defend Dr. Gøtzsche Against the Empire!

Peter Gøtzsche MD is the dedicated, incorruptible Founder and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Cofounder of the Cochrane Collaboration. No one in the world has contributed more than Dr. Gøtzsche to holding medicine and healthcare to a higher standard, including monitoring the quality of medical research and creating a library of trustworthy healthcare publications. Now he is under attack from the relentless Pharmaceutical Empire whose interests lie in stopping his reform work.

We want to take a moment to address Dr. Gøtzsche directly:

First, Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, on behalf of the Center for the Study of Patient-Oriented Psychiatry (ICSPP) and its distinguished Advisory Council, we support you unequivocally and without reservation, and urge ethical scientific and medical organizations around the world to lend you their support.

Second, to further broadcast your heroic work, and the work of those who defend and support you, we have created a special section on Psychiatric Drug Facts called “The Reform Work of Dr. Peter Gøtzsche.”

Third, we are honored by your acceptance of our invitation to become a member of the Advisory Council of the Center for the Study of Patient-Oriented Psychiatry (ICSPP). You are joining many distinguished international physicians on the Advisory Council, the majority psychiatrists, including Joanna Moncrieff, Terry Lynch, Sami Timimi, John Jureidini, Pat Bracken, Alberto Fergusson, M.N.G (Graham) Dukes, Bob Johnson, Piet Westdijkand and Philip Thomas (ICSPP Advisory Council).

Why is Dr. Peter Gøtzsche coming under such heavy attack right now? With his background in internal medicine, Dr. Gøtzsche did not until recent years turn his attention to psychiatric publications. What happens when a genuinely honest evaluator of scientific quality examines an activity and finds the whole field has no quality? That is essentially what happened to Dr. Gøtzsche. Almost every other person in the medical establishment who has stumbled on this discovery—that psychiatry is wholly based in power and not in science—has fled away, terrified of tangling with psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Empire. Dr. Gøtzsche, instead, spoke out at every opportunity and then wrote an amazing book, Deadly Psychiatry and Organized Denial.

What happened next was inevitable. The Pharmaceutical Empire struck back. Dr. Gøtzsche was removed from the board of the organization he founded, now called Cochrane. In protest of Dr. Gøtzsche’s expulsion, many other Cochrane board members have resigned. The controversy could become a breakthrough in publicizing the totalitarian methods of the Pharmaceutical Empire and its minions in the medical and psychiatric establishment.

Dr. Gøtzsche has taken on more than psychiatry. He has confronted medicine wherever it has lost its ethical and scientific way, and so he has acquired many critics. His enemies and this attack are the accumulating proof of the good work he is doing here on Earth. We ask ethical professionals and organizations worldwide to find their courage and to come to his support in every possible way.

See: The Reform Work of Peter Gøtzsche, MD


Peter R. Breggin, MD