March 31, 2019

Alert 92: Battling the Brain Mutilators

Parts 6 and 7 of Dr. Peter R. Breggin’s uncut interview with filmmakers Aaron and Melissa Dykes in the making of The Minds of Men, a documentary that features Dr. Breggin.  

Part 6: Torturing Patients

In Part 6, Dr. Breggin shares his dismay on discovering how Harvard psychiatrists and psychosurgeons lied about the outcomes of their lobotomized patients and about the horror he felt when he found “Thomas R,” their most highly touted “cure,” whose life they had destroyed.


Part 7: Mind Control Politics

  In Part 7, Dr. Breggin describes how he stopped psychosurgeons who inserted electrodes deep into their patients’ brains to secretly stimulate and burn holes in their brains by remote control. 

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