July 9, 2019

Alert 107: Tonight & Tomorrow Dr. Breggin on HBO

This evening July 9th at 8 pm and tomorrow at 8 pm, HBO presents a two-part film, I Love You, Now Die, about Michelle Carter, the girl who supposedly “texted her boyfriend to death.” I was Michelle’s forensic psychiatric expert in the Massachusetts trial and afterward I wrote a detailed analysis of the trial and the DA’s attacks on me and on Michelle in a series of blogs on Mad in America. 

In my lengthy filmed interview with director Erin Lee Carr, I explained the complexities of the case, including that both Michelle and her deceased boyfriend Conrad were on psychiatric drugs at the time of his death. In fact, more than a year before Conrad’s death, both became psychotic and were “seeing the devil” shortly after starting on Prozac. Conrad’s family was filled with conflict and his father, within the months leading up to his son’s suicide, beat him up so badly that the police charged his father with assault. The judge ignored all the complexities and found Michelle guilty of manslaughter.

I have not seen a preview of the film. HBO says it’s a balanced presentation of the complexities in the case, but it emphasizes the role of social media rather than the drugs in its promotional summary. CNN takes a similar view.  But others emphasize my testimony on the role of psychiatric drugs in the distressed and disturbed relationship between Michelle and Conrad. 

I will be watching along with you, ready to respond in whatever way necessary.

Peter R. Breggin