August 14, 2017

Alert 13 : 08/14/17, DA Tries to block publication of my Michelle Carter blog series

Katie Rayburn, an Assistant DA in the Michelle Carter texting suicide case, on August 10, 2017 asked the judge who presided over the case to stop my blog series about Michelle Carter on the Mad in America website. 

Specifically, the DA stated in her note to the judge, “The Commonwealth requests this court order Peter Breggin to cease any publication, description of any information he received in the course of this case until further notice from the court.”

Thus far, the judge has not responded to this request to muzzle freedom of speech and press. He has reaffirmed his embargo on quoting or publishing the medical records of the deceased Conrad Roy, except as they have already been disclosed in trial. I will continue to honor the judge’s order in respect to Conrad Roy’s medical records.

The judge is holding a hearing on August 21 in Massachusetts.

I am temporarily suspending the Michelle Carter series in respect for the judicial proceedings leading up to the hearing in one week.

The first two blogs in the Michelle Carter series will remain available (here and here). More than 40,000 people have already viewed them. Many have voiced their concern about being so badly misled by the negative press coverage of Michelle that was orchestrated by the DA’s office. 

Peter R. Breggin, MD